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Chris Cheong (張杰棋 – Zhang Jie Qi)
is Malaysia’s top professional performing artiste mentalist and magician currently residing in the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Previously recognized as Malaysia’s youngest performing artiste mentalist. Chris was voted by the public as Malaysia’s top magician.

11 years, across 25 countries and performed for over ten million audiences from all walk of life.

His interest in magic started off during his early childhood days. It happened when his family took him for a few magic shows. On his 8th year old birthday, his family bought him a magic kit set from Toys ‘R Us and that is where his foundation was set upon.

A few years after the vested interest has been instilled in his life, coincidence brought a group of magicians to his school and performed a few magic tricks that left a mark on his life like no other. Seeing magic happen before his very eyes further inspired him to learn the tricks of the trade and to improve as a better magician.

AND that was only the beginning,

late in 2007; Chris Cheong perform for Universities events all around Malaysia This proved to be a stepping-stone in which he learnt to hone his skills, perfect his performing capabilities, and build his always-growing confidence as a performer.
No matter what obstacles that faced him, the love for Art of Magic has never left his heart.

He specializes in the field of stage mentalism, interactive stage magic, and close-up magic. With his ever-growing ‘Chris Humor’ and calm personality, he creates a unique combination of mentalism and magic that leaves a distinct memory in people’s lives.

Knowing when to make people laugh, creating the perfect setting for the event, making it memorable, these are just a few of the things that he creates when performing. Magic makes the difference in every soul; the difference is there to see. After all most things are beyond beliefs until you experience it for yourself.

He has performed for over TEN MILLION of audience, corporate leaders, celebrities and many international artiste and renowned people across 25 different countries in Asia. Chris have also spoken and made special appearances in countless of concerts & seminar around the world.

Media Appearances
Back in beginning of Chris’ career, he was titled as Malaysia’s youngest professional mentalist/magician by Malaysia’s media networks. He used to work with Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) as their program ambassador and T.V host for program ‘Kids on 2’ .Made countless of appearances as guest, performer and magic choreography on other local & international television program.

Endorsement and Brand Ambassador
Chris Cheong also involved in endorsement and brand ambassador work.
Previously endorsed:

Fullhouse Malaysia

Radio Television Malaysia (TV 2)

Resident Work (past & current)

Chris Cheong used to work for a few of Kuala Lumpur’s recognized club, Zouk Club, Mist Club and Milk Club, as their Resident Magician. He was the first magician in Malaysia to have had bring magic into clubbing scene – a whole new and radical idea in Malaysia then.

The first magician in Malaysia to have had performed in prestigious clubs all around Malaysia.

Cruise Ship:
Chis Cheong previously performed as an 8 months’ headliner shows for Diamond International Cruises onboard MV Glory Sea vessel. The first magician on the first Chinese cruise ship on the sea.

Resort & Casino Entertainment:
Chris Cheong produces 8 shows a day in NagaWorld,

NagaWorld is the top casino-hotel in
Indochina, rivaling top Southeast Asian and renowned casinos all around the

Chris Cheong is also the first magician to
have had performed and produced shows in NagaWorld.