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張杰棋 (Zhang Jie Qi) Chris Cheong

is Malaysia’s top professional performing artiste mentalist and magician currently residing in the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Previously recognized as Malaysia’s youngest performing artiste mentalist.

Chris was voted as one of Malaysia’s top 10 magician.

15 years, across 30 different countries and performed for over ten million audiences from all walk of life since year 2007.

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Chris Cheong Potrait
Years Performing 15
Countries 30
Clients 511
Audiences 10Millions ++

The first magician on the first China's cruise ship on the sea. Cruise Ship Magician

Chis Cheong previously performed as an 14 months’ headliner shows for Diamond International Cruises onboard MV Glory Sea vessel. The first magician on the first China's cruise ship on the sea.

Glory Sea

Resident Magician Resort & Casino Entertainment

Chris Cheong previously produced 8 shows a day, 6 days a week for 366 days in NagaWorld, Cambodia. NagaWorld is the top casino-hotel in Indochina, rivaling top Southeast Asian and renowned casinos all around the world. Chris Cheong is also the first magician to have had performed and produced shows in NagaWorld.

Nagaworld Cambodia

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Nagaworld Cambodia

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