A World Class Performance Magic Show

The Interactive Stage Show

This stage show is unlike the typical old-school type of magic performances you may have seen before. Sawing a beautiful stage assistant into half and pulling rabbits out of the hat, that is just not Chris’s. He performs not only illusion of the eye but the mind. He demonstrate the ability of the mind: mind reading, impossible predictions and many other mind blogging effects.

A laugh grabbing one man show filled with amazing magic, comedy, music and audience participation. Part visual stage magic, part stand-up comedy, this show is the perfect option for any situation.

Chris’ laid back style and lighthearted conversational approach make him a great fit for this kind of performance. The audience is really part of this show, playing integral parts in the magic and comedy and participating physically and mentally. No show is ever quite the same because of Chris's off the cuff comedy and presentations.

“The Stage Magic Show” is an original show written, designed and performed by Chris Cheong

This stage show has been seen and performed all across Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, India and many more.

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