An International Magic Show Going Online

The Interactive and visual Virtual Magic Show

The year 2020 global pandemic situation has pushed magicians and performers from all around the world to a near extinction. Going digital is no longer optional. This is Chris Cheong's extraordinary live online magic experience cater up to an unlimited amount of guest.

This 15 minute or up to 60 minute virtual magic show will bring audiences together from all corners of the earth for a live, interactive, and deeply visceral experience that feels like everyone is in the same room.

During the show Chris will showcases incredible visual magic and mind-blowing mentalism feats that will be constant interaction with the audiences.

This is a new kind of magic show designed by Chris in the year 2020. So far, Chris has produced and performed a significant amount of virtual magic shows for corporate companies such as Lazada, Great Eastern, Citibank, Shell.

Virtual Magic Show PNG Virtual Magic Show PNG Virtual Magic Show PNG

More information about the virtual magic show rate here.

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